• Intezar (Wait)

Intezar (Wait)

Traditions of Holy Prophet (ATFS) and Imam (ATFS).

  • The day is coming when my 12th Son IMAM MEHDI (Maula Sahib-u-Zaman ATFS)
  • Wait for 12th Imam, IMAM MEHDI (Maula Sahib-u-Zaman ATFS) is principal and the supreme Divine worship.
  • Every Person Must Know about IMAM MEHDI, He who could not have the knowingness about IMAM MEHDI (IMAM-E-ZAMANA ATFS) will die as he is not Muslim and his death is like the death of ignorant person.

Promise of Jesus Christ.

References of Holy books.

Holy Quran.

  • chapter "Younis" verse 20 , 103
  • chapter "Hood" verse 121-122
  • chapter Sajdah verse 30
  • chapter Baqrah verse 210
  • chapter Nahal verse 33
  • chapter In-aam verse 158
  • chapter Mohammed verse 18
  • chapter Zukhruf verse 66-67-68

In the name of MAULA SAHIB-UZ-ZAMAN(ATFS) may he live forever.