Hidden kingdom

There will be 363 zones of this world to manage by next coming government and the above said 363 persons would be the rulers.

The sketch of secretariat of kingdom of God through IMAM-E-ZAMANA A.S


Reader (Khizr a.s) and Companions


Village Administrators

(no limit is known but everyone has an area of 36 square mile to administer and apply the orders of IMAM-E-ZAMANA A.S)

There are two parts of this world which are handled by two Qutubs assisted by 3 Moqarrabs, 5 continents administered by Umoods:- one to each. 7 Governments rules by Autads, every Government has 2 provinces where the Naqeebs are ruler and every province has 40 divisions administered by Abdaals. There are 100 districts in each division administered by Abrars , 300 subdivisions or tehsils administered by Akhiars. The lower grade rulers are Village Administrators; each of them is an authority over 36 square miles.

It is invisible kingdom of God administered through IMAM-E-ZAMANA A.S, but visible to pious persons and the spiritual one.

b) Visible kingdom

The night is coming to an end, the DAWN is visible, the sun is ready to rise, we are hopeful, eyes are waiting, and the KING is coming soon. We are hearing the voices of HIS military drum beaten by the military men—–announcement for departure—-

Yes——- HE is coming—–insha-allah–soon—and then——-There will be one kingdom-one government from east to west and south to north. There will be one law the Law of Islam.,Only one sect- the lovers of IMAM-E ZAMANA(A.S). There will be no time to show loyalty to IMAM- E-ZAMANA(A.S).There will be a kingdom visible to each other. There will be a system of meaningful justice, no bribe-no intercessions at all. As the system of government is intact in (Jaziara-e-Khazra) Green Island where the residents feel the existence of IMAM-E-ZAMANA A.S, some major cities like Mubarakah Zahirah. Raiqah safiah.. Anatees and Zuloom are there where billion of the people live comfortably.

c) Evaluation (Ehtasab)

A developed system of evaluation would be at that time. Extreme evaluation witch provide clean justice to the people., Quick penalization to the accused at the spot. And the enemies will pay the debit (what they have done) with interest of 100 times.

d) Retaliation (Inteqam)

First of all MAOLA KAREEM(A.S). Take revenge of Prophet™s grand son Maola Hussain (A.S)And then there will be a chain of killing of enemies of Prophit,s family.This killing will be continue till the last enemy is alive. Al-intqam - Al-intqam. Al-intqam.

AND then there will be a new era started with the dignity of IMAM-E-ZAMAN A(A.S)may HE(A.S) enjoy it for ever-ever ever.