There are so many books in which the Traditions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his family members (Imams A.S) are quoted i-e Jamal-u-Saliheen, Mustadrak-ul-Wasayal (40 times), Behar-ul-Anwar (136 times), Mikial-ul-Makarim, Falah-u-Sail, Mahjudawaat, Tuhfat-ul-Abrar, Kitab-ul-Mazboor-w-Mikial, Kutub Arba (70 times), Kamil-u-Ziarat, Miftah-ul-Jinan

Hirz-e-Imam Zain-ul-Abideen A.S.

Duaa-e-Ahid the man who study Duaa-e-Ahid for 40 days continuously will be the helper (Nasir) of IMAM-E-ZAMANA (A.S). And the man who study it daily and die before the Holy day of coming of IMAM-E-ZAMANA A.S, when the day of Khrooj comes Maula Sahib-u-Zaman A.Shimself will come to his grave and invite him to accompany for help (Nusrat)(Duaa -e-Tajeel-e-Faraj).

References of all the above said books are:- Oh God your creatures Pray to you for your kindness, Oh God send our 12th Imam (IMAM-E-ZAMANA (ATFS) ) soon to apply laws of God, Oh God help our Imam A.S and his companions who are waiting for him for a long time, Oh God your creatures pray to you for your kindness, Oh God shorten the time of invisibility (Ghaibat) of IMAM-E-ZAMANA (A.S).


  • Preceptions of Jesus Christ in Bible.
  • Command of Uzasaf (Buddha).
  • Jewish concept of Duaa.
  • Giant Zaafer™s meeting to Mirza Dabbir.
  • Saying of Krishen ji maharaj and Luxman ji maharaj to their youth of tribe.
  • Testament of Ram chander ji maharaj


It is investigated by science that when a person cries and pray to God or to any spiritual power there will be a circle of waves above his head which thrills the current of spiritual power.It is also investigated that when a child comes out from the womb of his mother and cries the said circle is created for the first time and it remains till his death.Any person talks, weeps, cries, preys, the said circle above his head thrills and disturbs the current and spiritual waves. So that the door of acceptance of God is opened to oblige the person.


The knowledge of psychology admits that when a person rise his hands for pray to God. And pray weepingly, his concentration gives him a chance for acceptance of his words. Mentally he would be satisfied and if he was sincere to his pray he at least will achieve his goal.

When there all the ways are blocked, when there is no way to escape, Pray is the only way to gain your object.

Pray is a weapon of momin (faithful Muslim).

The benefits of Duaa to Imam-e-Zamana (A.S).

  • In this world
  • Peace of mind
  • Religious
  • Share in next coming kingdom
  • Forgiveness and Pardon
  • Pleasure of God

If you want to be the helper of IMAM-E-ZAMA(ATFS) be pious in your life.

An awareness of IMAM-E “ZAMANA (ATFS) is necessary for every person in his-her life because every person will be raised from the grave by the relation of his or her IMAM-E-ZAMANA (ATFS).

In the name of MAULA SAHIB-UZ-ZAMAN (A.S) may he live forever.